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Huawei LUNA2000-10-S0 10kWh

Energy storage with a capacity of 10kWh
Set: 1x BMS + 2x 5 kWh battery + 1x DTSU-666H meter
  • Usable capacity: 10 kWh
  • Maximum output power: 5.0 kW (7.0 kW up to 10 seconds)
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Dimensions: 670 x 150 x 960 mm
  • Weight: 113.8 kg
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In stock


Huawei LUNA2000-10-S0 10kWh

4.302,81 + VAT


Huawei LUNA2000 10kWh energy storage for home use. It uses Lithium-Iron-Phosphate cells to enhance safety.

Energy storage systems store the electricity generated by photovoltaics, which can be used at night or on a rainy day without major losses. The FusionSolar app provides real-time visibility and control of energy storage performance. The Huawei LUNA2000 10kWh energy storage is compatible with selected SUN2000 series inverters (see compatibility table). Working together with SUN2000 inverters, it allows you to start automated energy production and act as a backup power source in case of problems with the power grid

Each power bank module has a built-in optimizer and manages charging and discharging independently. The old and new power bank modules can therefore be used together, making full use of the potential of each. The modular design, on the other hand, allows for flexible power expansion of up to 30kWh. As a result, Huawei’s LUNA2000 10kWh energy storage sets the standard for the home energy storage category.

  • Flexible investment – can expand battery power up to 30kWh
  • Ready for on-grid and off-grid systems
  • Full discharge (100%) capability
  • Excellent C-rate (maximum rate of charging or discharging of the battery) of two hours
  • Designed for maintenance-free operation also outdoors, at temperatures from -25°C to +60°C, resistant to dust and rain (IP66 standard)
  • More usable power with energy optimization on battery module level
  • Safe and reliable efficiency with Lithium-Iron-Phosphate cells (LFP)
  • Automatic detection with a dedicated app
  • Compatible with 1-phase and 3-phase inverters
  • In case of power outage the battery module switches on automaticaly to support local electrical system operation
Flexible investment – can expand battery power up to 30kWh

Huawei LUNA2000 10kWh energy storage systems have a design that allows for flexible expansion of the storage depending on the needs and, as they grow, the system can be expanded in time up to 30kWh.

Full discharge (100%) capability

Proprietary design and Lithium-Iron-Phosphate cells (LFP) usage enable complete (100%) battery discharge without impacting future battery capacity and efficiency.

Benefits of energy storage system usage

Huawei LUNA2000 10kWh energy storage is a great addition to your photovoltaic system. They allow storage of electric energy surplus derived from photovoltaics. With increased energy auto-consumption the consumer can reduce the expenses for electric energy purchased from operator’s grid.

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Weight115 kg
Dimensions640 × 150 × 960 mm