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Fox ESS T15 G3

15.0 kW 3-phase inverter
  • Output power: 15.0 kW
  • Maximum PV modules power: 22.5 kWp
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Dimensions: 370 x 480 x 183.5 mm
  • Weight: 17.0 kg
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Fox ESS T15 G3

706,46 + VAT


The Fox ESS T15 G3 belongs to a series of three-phase inverters with unrivaled power and efficiency.

Fox ESS inverters are precision-engineered to provide users with maximum efficiency, reliability and longevity. The quality of the components used has a direct impact on the service life of the inverter. The Fox ESS brand uses only the highest quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers.

High Efficiency

The Fox ESS T15 G3 features a low starting voltage, a wide voltage range, and a maximum efficiency of 97.4%.

Outstanding scalability

The inverter is fully optimized for upgradability to the Fox ESS battery series.

Easy to assemble

Easy to set up and install, plug and play. This makes the Fox ESS T15 G3 small, compact and lightweight for easy installation.

High resistance to weather conditions

Designed to work with maximum flexibility. Suitable for outdoor installation.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor system performance in real-time via a smartphone app or website with an advanced monitoring platform.

More about Fox ESS

Fox ESS is a global leader in the development of inverters and energy storage solutions. Fox ESS products are designed by some of the world’s leading inverter and battery experts. They open up new possibilities and offer customers the most advanced features combined with unparalleled performance and reliability.

At the heart of Fox ESS’s business is an advanced R&D center in Wuxi, where hundreds of engineers and technicians work to improve products that keep Fox ESS at the forefront of solar inverter and energy storage equipment companies. The Fox ESS team is made up of leading industry experts who work together to deliver a suite of the most advanced and feature-rich products.

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Weight20 kg
Dimensions370 × 480 × 183,5 mm