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Leapton LP182*182-M-54-MH photovoltaic module

Leapton Black Frame PERC Half-Cut Multi Bus Bar photovoltaic module
  • Maximum power: 400 W
  • STC efficiency: 20,46 %
  • Dimensions: 1134 x 1724 mm
  • Frame: 30 mm
  • Weight: 21.5 kg
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Leapton LP182*182-M-54-MH photovoltaic module

126,53 + VAT


LEAPTON 400W BF photovoltaic module (Black Frame) is our premium offering. This Japanese brand has been recognized in industrial applications and in the largest photovoltaic farms. Unquestionably, it’s a top-shelf product. With RENEVO, it is now widely available to residential customers and installers assembling small and medium-sized installations.

Panel fotowoltaiczny LEAPTON 400W BF includes a myriad of modern technologies. The custom proportions of this panel guarantee parameters of structural rigidity and strength that exceed those offered by competing products.

The 12BB (BusBar) technology further increases the structural strength and the power yield from each cell. Half Cut technology increases the cells’ resistance to mechanical factors such as stresses caused by wind pressure, and increases their performance in limited sunlight (trees / multi-pitched roof / chimneys / high voltage lines). The 30 mm thick frame guarantees rigidity and stability of the structure.

Power from modern technologies

Using the highest grade monocrystalline cells, state-of-the-art PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) cell manufacturing technology and 12Bus Bar technology, LEAPTON 400W BF panels achieve the highest efficiency and durability results.

Durability and elegance

Stainless anodized aluminum alloy frame with the highest rigidity parameters and 3mm thick tempered glass that can withstand very strong winds and thick layers of lingering snow ensure many years of structural durability and strength even during extreme weather conditions.

Peace of mind for years to come

Leapton photovoltaic modules come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product and a 25-year warranty on power production according to technical specifications. You can just worry about how to invest the money saved from lower electricity bills.

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Weight21 kg
Dimensions1724 × 1134 × 30 mm