EV chargers

EV chargers - our regular offer


Smart Charger

- Smart charger, 1- or 3-phase
- Overload protection
- authorised via Bluetooth, RFID or app
- Installation in 15 minutes
- IP54 protection class

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Enel X offers a wide range of EV chargers for a variety of applications, including homes, businesses, and public spaces. The chargers are available in various power and functionality variants, which allows you to choose the optimal solution for each user.

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Green Cell

Green Cell offers a wide range of chargers for different types of batteries, including phones, laptops, drones, as well as electric vehicles.

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Renevo sp. z o.o.

We distribute highest quality componens for renewable energy sector

Our regular offer includes photovoltaic modules, inverters, energy storage solutions, EV chargers, wind turbines oraz photovoltaic accessories. We distribute carefully selected components from reputable brands – e.g. e.g. Leapton, Jinko, JA Solar, DAS Solar, Tongwei, Huawei, FoxESS, Sungrow, Sofar and Goodwe, from official EU distribution only.

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