FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have divided them into chapters to make it easier to find the answer to the issue you are interested in.

Product range

What is the origin of products in our stock?

Each product sold by Renevo comes from the manufacturer’s official European distribution. Our offer includes only brand new products covered by a full warranty. They have all the necessary certificates and are approved for use in Poland or any other European Union member state.

We strongly advise against buying electrical devices from an unknown source. Despite the seemingly attractive price, such equipment may not be intended for use in Poland or European Union. In addition to potential problems related to the execution of warranty rights, such equipment may become a source of failure and problems with sending energy to the operator’s network (due to non-compliance with standards).

You may end up with counterfeit panels or inverters without warranty – don’t risk it! Read more on our blog.

Why does Renevo only sell selected brands?

There are many high-quality products available on the market. At Renevo, however, we only sell equipment which quality we have verified ourselves. This means that we either use it ourselves or know it well enough to recommend it to others.

With only selected brands in our offer, we can also ensure the appropriate level of knowledge to provide each client with factual and comprehensive answers to their questions.

Orders and transactions

Who can place orders with Renevo?

Our clients are individuals, installation companies and institutions.

If you represent an installation company or institution, we invite you to place orders by phone, via e-mail, or via the Sales Platform.

If you are the end-user, we invite you to our store on the Allegro platform. There you will find almost all products from our regular offer. In addition to the private consumer rights to the warranty and return of goods ordered remotely, resulting from the regulations, each transaction within our store on Allegro is covered by the Allegro Protect program.

What is the minimum order value?

Such value does not exist. We carry out orders consisting of one optimizer or dongle, as well as pallet and container orders.

Due to fixed delivery costs, we recommend optimizing orders to use the space on a pallet or in a container as efficiently as possible.

How do we fulfill orders?
All orders from business and institutional customers are processed in accordance with a simple process, the steps of which are:
  1. Placing an order – by phone, e-mail or via the Online Sales Platform.
  2. Order acceptance – we confirm the availability of the ordered goods, estimate the delivery date and issue a proforma invoice.
  3. Payment – The Ordering Party makes a bank transfer based on a proforma invoice.
  4. Order fulfillment – upon receiving the payment for the proforma invoice , we prepare transport documents and order the transport of the ordered goods from our Distribution Center.
  5. Collection of ordered goods – the courier delivers the ordered goods to the address indicated by the Customer.
What payment methods are available?

The default payment method for orders is a bank transfer, made after we issued a proforma invoice.

Each order placed with our company should be paid in full up front by a bank transfer to one of our accounts in PLN or EUR (depending on the quoting currency).

We do not sell directly (for cash or using any other form of payment) from our office in Krakow, nor from the Distribution Center.

Does Renevo offer deferred payment deadlines?

Yes, we offer trade credit for our frequent customers. The credit limit depends on the volume and frequency of orders, as well as the credit score determined by the financial institutions we cooperate with. If you’re interested in trade credit,please contact us to discuss details.

Do we offer foreign shipping with VAT 0%?

Of course. Each order placed by a company or institution registered outside Poland is carried out without adding VAT. The only condition is delivery to an address outside of Poland.

Please note that depending on the destination country, the buyer may be required to account for VAT according to the law applicable in the destination country.

In addition, if the purchase is made by a company located outside the European Union, the buyer may be required to clear customs and pay duties and other fees, in accordance with the law enforced in the destination country.

Our offer doesn't include the model you're looking for?

No problem - we can deliver almost any model currently available on the market!

Renevo sp. z o.o.

We distribute highest quality componens for renewable energy sector

Our regular offer includes photovoltaic modules, inverters, energy storage solutions, EV chargers, wind turbines oraz photovoltaic accessories. We distribute carefully selected components from reputable brands – e.g. e.g. Leapton, Jinko, JA Solar, DAS Solar, Tongwei, Huawei, FoxESS, Sungrow, Sofar and Goodwe, from official EU distribution only.

The company is registered with Kraków-Śródmieście District Court, Section XII of the National Court Register. The amount of share and paid-in capital: 250 000 zł. By using our Website and B2B Ordering Platform you are accepting our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.